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Leadership of people in a mono cultural environment is already a challenge for managers in day-to-day business. With increasing internationalization of teams and a subsequent enrichment of cultural diversity, the complexity of leadership also increases accordingly.

The leader is constantly confronted with many "hurdles" and "stumbling blocks" in dealing with people. Mostly unconsciously mistakes are made.

Or, to put it positively: Managers have the power to improve and enhance the productivity of their team by, for example, improving their own perception and customizing their leadership style.

Leadership is learnable and can be constantly improved!

But you have to want it.

How can you improve your leadership? 

An essay point is to become aware of your "own reality".

How do you perceive your environment?

What seems right to you - or wrong?

Every second, our personal sensors record about 11 million bits (eg sounds and noises, colors, smells, changes in air pressure). This is too much information to fully process in real time. Our brain offers a so-called perception filter, which can be differentiated into the three areas of biological, psychological and socio-cultural. After this perception filter 40 bits per second are available for further and conscious processing. This information then shapes your personal reality. So there are different individual realities.

Is your reality the right one?

People can change their perception. The prerequisite is to reflect and evaluate one's own knowledge, experience and attitude, to draw conclusions and initiate effective changes. Psychologists believe that it takes seven weeks to learn new patterns of behavior and processes. After that they are internalized.

Against this background, leadership is learnable and can be constantly improved. You just have to want it!

Professor Dr. Kohler can be there for you as a manager, junior manager or for your company as a business analyst, management consultant / trainer or objective Business sparring partner.

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